By Design

Introducing By Design

Episode Summary

By Design, a new podcast from the team at Abstract, explores the nuances and many steps in the product design process with a goal of highlighting all the work that design teams take on. Hosted by Josh Brewer, co-founder at Abstract, each episode focuses on a specific stage of the design lifecycle, with perspectives from some of the best leaders in design today. Listen in to hear more about how design teams work now and where design is headed in the future.

Episode Notes

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The voices featured in this episode are David and Mary Sherwin, co-founders of Ask the Sherwins and David Hoang, Design Director at Webflow. Stay tuned for more perspectives from leaders about the design lifecycle. 

By Design is produced by Josh Brewer, Olivia Reingold, and Alison Harshbarger. 

Episode Transcription

JOSH BREWER: This is By Design, a show about the lifecycle of designing exceptional digital products. I’m your host Josh Brewer — cofounder of Abstract — and if you’re a designer, chances are you’ve probably heard something like this before: 

DAVID SHERWIN: How are we going to move these big business metrics with the OKRs but then how are we going to keep improving the product so that it meets minimum user expectations?

MARY SHERWIN: I’m not going to lie, as a disabled person, we don’t have those metrics.

DAVID HOANG: If the story was told in a way through a doc or slides vs a prototype, it can make or break the outcome of what the business chooses.

JOSH BREWER: This show will delve into those sometimes murky waters of digital product design. We’ve broken the design lifecycle into 7 core stages and will hear from design leaders who have deep experience with a particular stage, in hopes that together we might find a blueprint for the future of Design. We launch soon! See you then!